Aaron Boone New York Yankees
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

New York Yankees Manager Aaron Boone ran into some issues at Angel Stadium after a security guard asked him for his credentials.

Apparently Aaron Boone isn’t quite popular enough to be recognized out on the road.

Despite being a 12-year MLB veteran, a former baseball analyst for ESPN, the largest sports media company in the world and manager for the New York Yankees, a security guard at Angel Stadium asked him for some identification before allowing him to enter.

I get that he’s not a household name, but this security guard apparently thought the first-year skipper was just some random dude off the street sneaking around the stadium without credentials.

This was had to be a joke, right? I can’t imagine a situation where a security guard at a Major League Baseball stadium doesn’t recognize the manager of the visiting team. Even if it were only from the night before, during which Boone was probably walking around without clearly displayed credentials.

Come to think about it, this may have been a power move by the Angels organization. The Yankees rolled into Los Angeles (really Anaheim, nice rebranding effort though guys) and turned it into a home game. Yankee fans were out in such force that Didi Gregorius got a curtain call and the fans in right field did roll call.

Imagine being at your own stadium and hearing the fans chanting the names of all the visiting players. Might make some of the stadium staff a little bit upset. Maybe upset enough to pretend like they don’t recognize Aaron Boone in a futile attempt to shake his confidence. I want to say it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard but if I said that I would be lying.

The Yankees offense is rolling, the pitchers are dealing, we’re ignoring the defense, and nobody is calling for Boone’s head anymore. It’s gonna take a lot more than “not recognizing” the manager of the hottest team in baseball to stop him from owning your stadium.

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