Jordan Montgomery has joined the tweet club
(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

In the midst of a successful stretch of games by the New York Yankees, Jordan Montgomery has taken to Twitter to express his excitement.

The New York Yankees are on what we in the biz like to call a little bit of a hot streak. Winners of their last eight games, it finally seems like the offense is starting to click and the players are actually having fun. Even players that aren’t known for being outspoken on social media can’t help but express their excitement.

Can you say electric factory? Two exclamation points and a hashtag! Jordan Montgomery is hyped up right now. Never would have expected him to show this kind of fire on social media. If you think I’m over exaggerating please refer to a collection of his other recent tweets:

This was Gumby on opening day. His first opening day as a major leaguer. Note the fact that he only used one exclamation point.

This one came on his birthday. The excitement is palpable. You can really tell that Gumby was enjoying his birthday.

This one came in October in the heat of playoff baseball. Again, the electricity is just flowing out of Monty’s twitter fingers.

Obviously, Montgomery is just a constant flow of high energy but thanks to an eight-game winning streak, a couple of nail-biting wins, and some really hot bats from guys like Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge, and Miguel Andujar, Gumby’s excitement is on another level right now.

Montgomery also has plenty to be excited about in his own regard, as he has looked strong to start the season. He’s looking to build upon a great rookie season and be a major contributor to a deep playoff run, and he’s on track to do so.

If he keeps this up we may not even remember that Didi also tweets by the end of the year.

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