This popcorn-loving young New York Yankees fan made a tremendous snag at Yankee Stadium as his Bombers won yet another game.

This foul ball off the bat of Miguel Andujar resulted in a fan play that really popped. That pun was a mistake. I digress …

Well, if the New York Yankees aren’t gonna be flashing the leather at least somebody will. Great grab by the kid. Unfortunately, the play is completely overshadowed by the fact that he’s inexplicably using his glove as a bowl for popcorn.

Why? Why does he have popcorn in his glove? I know for a fact that Yankee Stadium provides receptacles for food. I’m fairly certain that’s something that’s required by the most basic of health codes.

Despite the fact that his popcorn was absolutely delivered to him in some sort of container, this particular young fan-elected to dump into a dirty piece of leather. Bold strategy Cotton.

There’s just so many other things to unpack in this video though.

A security guard came over to joke with the fan as to why his popcorn was now on the field and he dropped the rest of it on the floor right in front of him.

A woman (presumably his mother) was struck with the most shocked face I’ve ever seen, indicating that this may be the first ball her son has ever successfully fielded. The fact that he used his glove as a popcorn bowl is pretty strong evidence to back that up.

Another fan in the row behind popcorn glove kid put forth maybe the weakest effort to catch this ball of all time, backing away and sticking his hand out at it simultaneously. Roger Dorn would be proud.

Nice play by the kid. Maybe the Yankees can find an age-restriction loophole and sign him for some late-game defense.

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