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New York Yankees advertisement misspells last name of 2018 MVP Didi Gregorius

During yet another route of the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees fans noticed something off about a sign advertising for shortstop Didi Gregorius’ bat day.

Everything about the second game of the year against the Minnesota Twins was just about perfect. The weather was nice for April, CC Sabathia was throwing whiffle balls, Gleyber Torres was hitting, and Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge are still making pitchers reconsider their chosen career path. Everything for the New York Yankees was great except for one major detail.

Somebody misspelled 2018 MVP Didi Gregorius’ name on a bat day advertisement.”]

This is egregorius (yes, that was misspelled on purpose). Sir Didi Gregorius is a Bronx treasure. Derek Jeter’s heir has been everything Yankees fans could have wanted and more.

The knighted one is having an incredible start to the 2018 campaign. While seemingly everyone around him not named Aaron Judge struggled out of the gate, Didi came out blazing hot. Nearly a month into the season, Gregorius is hitting for a .347 average along with eight home runs. He’s been the model of consistency for a Yankees team that’s been plagued with injuries and streakiness.

Most importantly, Gregorius is showing a continued trend of improving drastically every year. When first acquired, he was thought of as a platoon lefty line drive hitter who made his living off his defense. Now, the shortstop bats third in one of the most dangerous lineups ever seen on a baseball field in addition to being the defensive anchor. He’s also embraced his role as a natural leader and positive presence in the clubhouse.

Gregorius is a fan favorite on par with Judge and Ronald Torreyes. The level of disrespect shown by misspelling his name on an advertisement for his bat day is absolutely ridiculous.

Additionally, he should have been referred to by his proper title, “Sir Didi Gregorius”. Bat day isn’t some run of the mill promotion. It’s a top-tier souvenir rivaled only by Jedi Judge and bobblehead Gary Sanchez. All promotional materials should be created in the most professional way possible.

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