No, Patrick Maroon isn’t spending his offseason golfing, yet. But instead, No. 17 is ‘chirping’ New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium.

New Jersey Devils 2018 trade deadline acquisition, Patrick Maroon, hasn’t even resided in the New York market for more than two months; but it appears that ‘No. 17’ is already liking the idea of staying put in the area. were fortunate enough to share a video with Jersey’s fan base, and one that showed Maroon having a good chuckle with Yankees superstar Aaron Judge before No. 99 would step up to the plate for the Pinstripes.

Maroon had a creative offer for Judge, which was that the two professional athletes should have a jersey swap.

Maroon assured Judge that he’d even leave his signature on his No. 17 Devils jersey for him.

It appeared that the Yankees’ outfielder made his ruling clear while waiting on the deck circle after Judge didn’t seem to acknowledge Maroon’s offer. It’s possible the 50-plus home run king from last season isn’t a hockey fan and was unaware of who the newly acquired Devils player was.

Yet, perhaps Maroon’s colorful personality can help change that moving forward and fans can expect to see Judge at the Prudential Center next season. Keep in mind that Yankees general manager Brian Cashman can usually be seen at the Rock during New York’s offseason, and is a big fan of the Devils.

Maybe next time the two can figure out a deal to swap jerseys…or at least before July 1 when Maroon is set to hit unrestricted free agency. Judge may be more receptive to this idea at another time. He’s probably not paying much attention to the crowd when he’s standing in the on-deck circle and trying to get ready for his at-bat.

Did anyone else think Maroon was originally going to chirp Judge for wearing No. 99?

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