New York Yankees Ronald Torreyes
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Leave it to Ronald Torreyes to get lost in the shuffle but the New York Yankees utility man has started to heat up and will continue to do whatever is asked for the squad.

Big Toe. #ToeRon. #RoToe.

Whatever you call him, don’t you dare call Ronald Torreyes just another name in the lineup. The New York Yankees have a unique gem on their hands in Torreyes, a player who is always ready to enter the game at a moment’s notice.

Torreyes may not be the most attractive option for a utility role for a team as stacked as the New York Yankees but every time he has been called upon, he’s come through.

The 25-year-old Torreyes stands at only 5-foot-8, constantly being placed between players like Aaron Judge and Dellin Betances for incredible photo ops. But while his size is small, his attitude is huge. While it is easy to become discouraged with limited playing time, Torreyes handles it with a solid attitude, letting his play do the talking.

Torreyes spent time traveling amongst various teams, getting his first taste of big league experience in 2015, where he played in eight games for the Los Angeles Dodgers. His first real shot was with the Yankees. Time and time again, he has proven that he can not only play the utility role but he can play it well.

This season alone, Torreyes missed the first five games of the year in favor of Tyler Wade and Brandon Drury. Upon being summoned to play in Game 6, Torreyes delivered, going 1-for-3 with an RBI en route to a 7-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Ever since then, he’s continued to be a bright yet small shining light in an otherwise rough season for the Yankees. Torreyes is batting .385 in nine games while scoring four runs. The team is 5-4 when Torreyes makes it into the lineup.

His size and stature make him less noticeable to the rest of the league but to true Yankees fans, they know he is the lifeblood that keeps this team going.

He has been exceeding expectations at every turn, already playing three of the four infield positions in this young season. Whatever is asked of him, he does without hesitating. He is the little kid who is the perfect teammate, the one who is the greatest cheerleader, whether he is on the bench or on the field.

And now the cheerleader gets his moment in the spotlight. While it’s only nine games, Torreyes is seventh on the team in hits this season (10). He continues to be a low-maintenance player who goes and does what he’s told every day.

This guy should not be on a major league roster, according to some. And yet, he has been for two seasons and performed well. Altogether in his time with the Yankees, he’s posted a respectable .282 batting average and served as a third baseman, second baseman, shortstop, right fielder and designated hitter.

While many refer to Torreyes as “The Little Engine That Could,” they forget one major thing; it’s not just that he can produce, it’s that he will produce when called upon, as he’s proven time and time again.

No, he’s not the tallest of the bunch. He’s not the fastest and he’s not the strongest. But he’s living and breathing proof that hard work and dedication to the game can yield pretty incredible results.

Keep on chugging, Little Engine. We’ll be behind you all the way.

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