New York Yankees
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

When you have a loss as bad as the New York Yankees did on Tuesday night, sometimes you have to look elsewhere to find inspiration to help get back on the right track. 

The New York Yankees have your back.

That’s the message that CC Sabathia and his teammates sent on Wednesday afternoon.

We’ve all been there before. Someone at school is relentlessly and inexplicably on your case at every turn. All you want to do is sit down at a lunch table with friends and escape the mind-clinching parade that is being a student in grade school.

Well, for a little 10-year old girl named Cassidy, that rough hypothetical situation is everyday life.

So what did she decide to do about it? She posted a video on social media detailing her terrible experience with a school bully. When CC and the Yankees got wind of Cassidy’s video, they decided to rally around her and put together a video of their own.

The most powerful part of the video was when they relayed to her that when she counts her friends, that she be sure to include all 25 of them in the tally. All 25 guys participated in the video and, for a second, made you forget that they were part of a baseball team.

For a second, they were just ordinary people coming together to support a friend.

That is the power of sport. In today’s society of “what have you done for me lately” and “I want it now,” people tend to forget that these exorbitantly high paid athletes were once warm-hearted children themselves.

To see a team come together for a child that they do not even know makes all the wins and losses seem rather insignificant.

The Yankees needed something other than baseball to bring them closer together, hopefully, to help erase the misery that was Tuesday night’s blow out. Thanks to Cassidy, it appears as though they found that something.

Now we can only wait until Cassidy assumes her rightful seat at the Yankees clubhouse table.

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