Derek Jeter
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Monday and Tuesday will see the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins face off at the Stadium. You can be certain that Derek Jeter won’t be there.

A lifelong New York Yankee, Derek Jeter would be expected to make a return appearance to the Bronx with a standing ovation.

Well, it isn’t going to happen this week, as the Yankees take on the Miami Marlins at the Stadium. Why? Because, according to Jeter, “it would be an awkward situation,” he told reporters.

Why is it so awkward, Jeter? Because you are the co-owner and CEO of the Miami Marlins? Well, looking at it , Jeter probably has to root against his former team and that is pretty hard and embarrassing to do in the Bronx.

Especially when your team was gutted this offseason and is 4-9 on the year.

Even if Jeter won’t be making an appearance in the Bronx, several other former Yankees will be. Starlin Castro was traded this offseason for Giancarlo Stanton and he’ll be back at Yankee Stadium on Monday and Tuesday, likely to a chorus of cheers.

Or what about Don Mattingly? He is likely in the same boat as Jeter but, hey, he has to be there…he’s the manager! Regardless, Mattingly will also receive great praise upon his return to the Bronx.

Because it’s not about what he’s doing now. It’s all about what he did in the past. Mattingly may be an opposing manager but he’s still a lifelong Yankee.

But, if Jeter does, what does that tell the Marlins fans? They already think he was conspiring with the Yankees in order to give away Giancarlo Stanton for peanuts. This might prove that theory.

Besides, he seems to be having fun down in Miami, most recently photobombing an Instagram video posted by Jorge Posada‘s wife, Laura.

Now that he’s in Miami, you won’t see him in the Bronx again until he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame. And that’s probably a smart move for his brand.

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