New York Yankee Giancarlo Stanton
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

After coming off a terrible home stand, Giancarlo Stanton and his struggles will get a taste of MLB’s most intense rivalry.

Everybody knows New York is the toughest city to play in, especially if you’re wearing the New York Yankees’ uniform. For Giancarlo Stanton, he’ll get a taste of how tough it is wearing that very jersey while in Boston.

Evidently, Stanton is not having the hottest start to his Yankees career. He’s already had five strikeouts in two games, a feat no one has ever accomplished. He’s collected 20 strikeouts so far this season. To put that into perspective, Joe DiMaggio had 13 in the entire 1941 season.

The fact is, Stanton’s boos won’t stop and with those numbers, the Boston fans will make sure they’re aware of them.

Stanton and his struggles couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time. As the Yankees head up to Boston, who’s currently leading the AL East with a record of 8-1, Stanton might have trouble getting back to form.

Last year’s National League MVP has been hearing the boos in the Bronx…imagine what he’ll hear in Fenway Park. Now I’m not comparing fans, but Red Sox fans sure know how to make Yankees players uncomfortable.

If a player is having the kind of start that Stanton is, morale and confidence are at an all-time low. Stanton seems to be nervous and over-thinking at the plate. He seems to be off on his timing of fastballs, has switched up his batting stance and is just simply having trouble at the dish.

Even though it’s April, every series against the Red Sox is important and the Yankees need Stanton to get up to speed. Along with Stanton, the Yankees’ pitching and other players in the lineup need to pick up the slack.

It’s hard not to put the focus on Stanton, but tonight, that’s all it will be on. What’s Stanton going to do? Aaron Judge can strike out six times, but if Stanton strikes out even once, he’ll hear it.

It’s the baggage that comes with signing to the Yankees. Just ask Alex Rodriguez and his time in pinstripes during this rivalry. When he’s struggling, it didn’t get any easier every time he stepped up to the plate, let alone facing the Green Monster.

The timing isn’t ideal for Stanton, but hopefully this is the turning point…or at least the start.