Didi Gregorius opens up the New York Yankees’ home opener with a home run that just clears the wall in right field.

Didi Gregorius has a swing built for Yankee Stadium. The cleanup hitter is already giving Chris Archer fits in the New York Yankees’ home opener. After doubling in the second inning and scoring on a Tyler Wade single, Gregorius had something better in store for his second at-bat.

It may have barely made it over the wall in the short porch, but it’s a home run nonetheless. Didi has a knack for turning on that inside pitch and it’s safe to say that Chris Archer won’t try to bust him inside for a while.

If you asked most Yankee fans which player would hit the first home run in Yankee Stadium this year, I bet Gregorius would be the fourth or fifth guy on the list. Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez would certainly get picked before Didi.

It’s easy to forget about Gregorius with the rest of the big bats in the lineup. But Didi’s hot start is proof positive that he’s one of the most important guys in the lineup. He’s already racking up the extra-base hits.

Gregorius’ hot start is much needed. Other than Stanton’s two home run debut against the Toronto Blue Jays, the meat of the lineup is off to a slow start. Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez have two home runs and five RBI as a trio.

They will start hitting no doubt, but it’s nice to know that when they’re struggling there are other guys in the lineup who can pick up the slack. After two straight losses—and a small subsection of Yankees fans losing their minds—Didi rights the ship with a big fly. Well, maybe it wasn’t a big fly, but it still made it over the fence.

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