The Houston Astros are the reigning champs after winning their first World Series in 2017. They are still trying to figure out the celebration part.

The Houston Astros were the best team in baseball in 2017. No doubt about it. They were consistent throughout the regular season and stepped up in the postseason. While no one is going to question their play on the field, they still have a lot to learn about raising banners.

I mean that literally. What in the world are they doing here? They’ve got guys trying to pull it down at first while the crowd starts realizing something isn’t right. Credit to the guy climbing up the side and trying to take it down manually, but the crew is clearly freaking out. One of the dudes tried to remove the black tarp with a leaf blower and I’m sorry what?

This isn’t surprising though. You can’t expect young and inexperienced maintenance teams to succeed on their first go around. It takes time before they’re really comfortable on the big stage. According to my sources around the league, Astros ownership is thinking of bringing in some veteran guys with championship experience to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

It sounds like they are most interested in maintenance workers from the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox, but they are trying to keep their options open. All three teams are still in “win-now” mode so they are likely to keep their experienced banner-raisers. If they want to get someone from one of these clubs, they’ll likely have to part with some promising maintenance prospects in the farm system.

If they are looking to grab someone from the bargain bin, they could look into bringing someone in from the Indianapolis Colts. It would be a bit odd to expand the search to the NFL, but the Colts have experience with raising banners, even if they are completely meaningless.

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