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Aaron Judge stars in two epic ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercials (Video)

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge took his talents to the small screen, starring in not one, but two epic “This is SportsCenter” commercials.

Should New York Yankees star outfielder Aaron Judge ever decide that he’s had enough of baseball, there’s a second career waiting for him on television—as a commercial star.

Judge became the latest athlete to star in the legendary “This is SportsCenter” commercials that ESPN has been running for its flagship show for years.

In the first commercial, we see ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt standing in the office. “We really like having Aaron around,” Van Pelt remarks, “but we’re afraid that he takes his name a bit too literally.”

Cut to a conference room where we see fellow anchor Sage Steele, a mascot and some other employees waiting for a meeting to start. In walks a bailiff, who clears his throat and announces “All Rise,” followed by Judge making his entrance to the room.

Sure, the “All Rise” thing is a bit played out already, but this is still a fun commercial. It’s the second ad, however, that really knocks it out of the park.

Here we see Van Pelt and a woman working out on treadmills in the ESPN Wellness Center. Judge walks in, gets on the treadmill between the two and begins a light jog. He ultimately claps his hands, points (and looks to the sky) and shuts the machine off.

He looks to his left and thinks about celebrating with his female companion before thinking better of it, patting Van Pelt on the butt and slapping hands with others in the gym on his way out the door. The camera pans to the treadmill screen, which reads “Home Run Trot.”

What didn’t you see in these commercials—the first new “This Is SportsCenter” spots in nearly two years? You didn’t see Judge open his mouth. He doesn’t say a single word.

That’s Aaron Judge. The man speaks softly but carries a big stick.

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