New York Yankees Aaron judge
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is now a proud member of the Adidas family as he’s signed on with the media giant.

According to an interview with Giancarlo Ferrari-King of Bleacher Report, Adidas and New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge have announced a new partnership between the apparel giant and the human giant. Judge joins sports superstars like James Harden, Lionel Messi, and music legend Kanye West.

Among the esteemed athletes working with Adidas? New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis. Adidas is pairing a baseball monster in Judge with the Unicorn Porzingis. That can only lead to one thing…


Marketing galore. Putting the two larger than life faces of two larger than life franchises in a larger than life city is a can’t miss marketing ploy. I can already picture commercials of the two of them trying to fit through the tiny doorway of a dive bar or walking head and shoulders above slow-moving tourists on Fifth Avenue while aspiring musicians leap to get headphones on them to promote their new mixtape. The image of a judgmental old lady from the Bronx shaking her head at how much room these two behemoths, decked out in Adidas gear, of course, occupy on the subway would instantly go viral.

The interview itself actually took a shocking twist. Aaron Judge kind of almost talked about himself, something fans know to be essentially impossible to get him to do. When asked whether he should be considered the most powerful hitter on the Yankees roster, he responded “Not when you got the NL MVP with 59 homers. Just keep me even with him”

“Keep me even with him.” They almost got Judge to openly admit he that he knows how good he is! He may have said it in the context of clarifying that Giancarlo Stanton is the biggest bat in the lineup, but he may have accidentally let it slip that he’s not too far behind him.

Great pickup by Adidas. I for one am really looking forward to how they utilize the new face of the New York Yankees and the game of baseball.

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