NHL General Managers look at goalie interference
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The National Hockey League is holding its general managers meeting in Boca Raton, Florida. The hot topic this year will be the never-ending subject of goalie interference.

The general managers of the National Hockey League are meeting this week to discuss some important issues that have caused a stir throughout the league this year. Mainly goaltender interference and video review of offsides.

Goaltender Interference

Goaltender interference has been an ongoing argument all season in the NHL. There is no black and white rule officials can turn to when deciding if interference has occurred on a particular goal.

Every referee on the ice sees interference differently depending on that one play itself. It’s all gray, as there is no one way to call or not call the interference.

As you can see on the YouTube video, calling goaltender Interference is no easy task. The referees have to look at all the different views of why a player was in the crease, as he was pushed into the crease, was the goalie actually interfered with and in the end is it a good goal? In this example, the goal was allowed.

The reviews are done by the on-ice referees as they look at the replays on the devices at ice level. This is unlike goals scored where the reviews are done in the Situation Room in Toronto.

In this example, in my opinion, there is goalie interference, as the Buffalo Sabre player Johan Larsson hits Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen‘s leg prior to the puck entering the net. As you can see in the video, my opinion means little as somehow this was called a good goal.

The discrepancy in allowed or disallowed goals is the problem the general managers are dealing with.

On Tuesday afternoon, Frank Seravalli of The Sporting News tweeted that the general managers have recommended that reviews for goalie interference be done by the officials in Toronto (as is done on goal reviews) as opposed to the referees on the ice.

This will be brought to the NHL Players Association and the NHL Officials Association for review. A work in progress towards getting the call correct with everyone following the same criteria on interference.

Offsides Review

The offsides review has had its issues primarily due to one particular play. The players skate in the air prior to the puck crossing over the blue line.

There was a thought that the reviewing offside might be changed, especially with the skate off the ice at the blue line drawing so much attention.

Turns out, Elliot Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada tweeted that Colin Campbell stated this was not really an issue. The GM’s really didn’t address the issue and no changes to the offsides review will be made at this time. “You should know the rule” was the premise the general managers are going with at this time.

The powers that be, the GM’s, had their say. Hopefully, the players agree with their recommendations, but then again the GM’s normally aren’t concerned with the player’s views otherwise the NHLPA would be represented at these meetings.

It’s unclear if the goalie interference rule was actually defined at these meetings. All that was determined was that Toronto would be responsible to make the call if the recommendation is accepted.

For now, the rules and reviews will stay as they are as the NHL gets ready to begin the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.


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