The first of five New York Yankees commercials were released today, featuring our favorite little guy Ronald Torreyes and some big dreams.

Worried that the little big guy won’t be on the New York Yankees Opening Day roster this season? Well, the Yankees just dedicated an entire commercial to Ronald Torreyes so, yeah, I think it’s safe to say he’s already made the squad.

The commercials last year were hilarious and, so far, the tradition is upheld. Torreyes’ commercial debut proved that maybe he’s better in front of the camera than behind it (sorry, we still love “The Toe-Night Show” though).

The commercial leads off with Torreyes smacking bombs in batting practice, launching home runs far beyond the fence at George M. Steinbrenner field. Then, he walks in on an exasperated Giancarlo Stanton struggling to open a giant jar of pickles.

Thank goodness for Toe! Like the hero he is, easily opens the jar and leaves Stanton with a pat on the back.

But what about his good friend Aaron Judge? The two decided to spend the afternoon throwing their money at the cashiers at Big & Tall, which clearly fits the personality of Torreyes more so than his body type.

Ah, doesn’t this sound like a dream? Of course it does…because it ultimately is! Torreyes wakes up in the stands and realizes it was all a dream. But, in true Toe fashion, he loves it!

A unique angle on his size, Big Toe has big dreams in the latest Yankees commercial and it is incredibly fun to watch. Torreyes is one of the funnier dudes on the team, a player who has remained on the roster for the last two seasons when many believed he didn’t belong.

Although many will say otherwise, size doesn’t matter. Okay, not in the case of our good friend Ronald Torreyes. We may have some big guys on the team but this team would be nothing without Torreyes.

Besides, it will never get old seeing Torreyes being hoisted up during a victory. Stay little, Ronald, we love you that way.

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