Giancarlo Stanton
(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton smashed his first home run with his new team on Saturday while also taking a handoff, interestingly enough, while playing against Tim Tebow.

If you’re a day-trader, I have a fantastic investment tip for you. Take all of your money and put it into net manufacturing.

The New York Yankees are making it unsafe to sit anywhere within a 1,000-foot radius of a baseball field. Shortly before hitting his first home run as a Yankee, Giancarlo Stanton cracked the press box window with a foul ball as evidenced by a tweet via Tim Healy of Newsday

My word, that’s a lot of damage.

If you showed me that picture with no context my first question would have been, “Who took the 7-iron to the window?” Even when Stanton isn’t totally squaring the ball up, he’s still hitting it hard enough to wreak some serious havoc. This is reminiscent of Aaron Judge destroying a television with a batting practice bomb.

What is it gonna take for the Yankees to invest in enough netting to cover the entire field? Does Gary Sanchez need to hit one through the jumbotron? Does Greg Bird need to send one through the window of the 4-train? At some point, the team has to address the fact that fans are no longer safe sitting anywhere in the stadium.

Let’s not ignore the fact that somebody is shelling out a lot of money on these repairs. At what point does Brian Cashman have to start putting phrases in player contracts that require them to pay for damages that their absurd power may cause to the stadium? Even Stanton may not have enough in his contract to cover it.

Either way, invest in net manufacturing. Maybe look into entering the stadium insurance game. The amount of damage the heart of this year’s lineup can cause will put a huge dent in the budget (yes, pun intended).

Additionally, Stanton did something unusual as he rounded third base. He took a hand-off.

Coming against any team, this would go by without incident, but, of course, the Yankees were taking on Tim Tebow, the football man trying to make it in baseball.

Was Stanton mocking the former Heisman Trophy winner?

Probably not, as Stanton’s teammate, Russell Wilson, is going through the same journey. But still, it’s a noteworthy display by the latest monster slugger to call himself a Yankee.

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