Brian Cashman, New York Yankees
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New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman doesn’t believe his team is all that and a bag of chips, while Nick Swisher can’t control himself.

Don’t tell general manager Brian Cashman that his New York Yankees are the favorites to represent the American League in the World Series—for he doesn’t think his team is the favorite to win the AL East.

“They’re [Boston] the AL East champs, so we’re not on equal footing,” Cashman said Wednesday, per Mike Mazzeo of the New York Daily News. “We were the Wild Card. They had the title within the division last year. I don’t know if they’re putting a flag up for it or not, but they are the AL East champs, we are not. So we are not on equal footing until we take that away from them, while at the same time preventing anybody that finished behind us from surpassing us and joining the fray.

“Toronto’s done a lot of work on its roster. Baltimore is starting to make some signs. So, no, we’re not on the same ground because they are the AL East champions, and until someone takes that away from them, you’ve got to pay homage.”

Okay, maybe that’s the wrong reaction to have. After all, nothing Cashman said is factually wrong. The Red Sox are the reigning AL East champs. And there’s something to be said for letting your team know that they’re not nearly as good as everyone says they are until they prove it.

But still, it’s hard not to envision the Yankees winning the AL East in 2018, despite whatever improvements the rest of the division has made.

Nick Swisher’s Bromance

Former Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher, a guest instructor at Spring Training, touched on a wide range of topics during a chat with’s Brendan Kuty, including the fact that he plans on getting into coaching one day.

But the always animated slugger couldn’t contain himself when the conversation turned to the team’s youngsters, particularly outfield prospect Estevan Florial.

“Whoa. Bro. I got to see him a little bit today. Everybody on this team is a monster. I don’t even want to walk up next to them. I told Gardy. I said, ‘Bro, you’re going to look awfully small standing in that Opening Day lineup, bro.’ He said, ‘That’s exactly where I want to be, bro.’ I think in general, man, there’s a lot of young guys that are coming up. A lot of guys who are going to have a chance to really make a smash. We’ve got (Miguel) Andujar. We’ve got Florial. We’ve got (Gleyber) Torres. I mean, bro. It’s like, there’s so much competition now. It’s like, wow, in general, the game is getting so competitive, I think that you are going to see the best out of these guys because you are creating competition, and that’s normally when the best of each athlete comes out, I think.”

If he’s right, and competition truly does bring out the best in each athlete, well, the Yankees should be in fine shape for years to come, considering how well-stocked the farm system is.


Yankees fans who were excited/interested/intrigued by the team’s acquisition of outfielder Jabari Blash from San Diego in the Chase Headley/Bryan Mitchell trade should avert their eyes. For Blash is gone, traded to the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday.

Blash, 28, had tantalizing power but was nothing more than organizational depth in the Bronx. Truth be told, he was never going to see action in the big leagues unless things went cataclysmically wrong.

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