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PlayStation’s MLB The Show 18 Adds Judge’s Chambers

Not only is the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge gracing the cover of MLB The Show ’18, his honorary fan section makes an appearance.

That’s not a typo, New York Yankees fans. Aaron Judge, the cover boy for MLB The Show 18, will be joined in the game by his cheering section at Yankee Stadium, the Judge’s Chambers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, of course, to find the cheering section included. Every year since 2006, PlayStation’s MLB The Show has made the most realistic and entertaining baseball video game around. From their attention-to-detail visual graphics during gameplay to their incorporation of being able to record your own audience chants, fans of this game always look forward to what nuances PlayStation provides each time the latest version of the game is released.


Not only do you get a chance to play in the New Yankee Stadium with their shiny new batting order—you know, the one that features the reigning AL Rookie of the Year (Judge) and the reigning NL MVP (Giancarlo Stanton)—but you also have the opportunity to check in on the newest attraction of the House That Jeter Built whenever you want.

Additionally, gamers of the series also look forward to what kind of progressions or regressions their favorite players experience in terms of player attributes. After the historic 2017 campaign the Yankee right fielder had, Judge’s overall contact, power and plate discipline should absolutely skyrocket in comparison to the 2017 version. Similarly, Stanton and Greg Bird, who performed at a high level once he finally got over his foot issues, should both see their in-game “stock” be on the rise in the latest edition.

The only improvement that would put this game over the top by gamers’ standards is if they were to take a page out of NBA 2K’s book and use multiple commentators to take you through a season’s worth of games. Imagine that: John Sterling giving his “All Rise” call as Judge circles the pillows for a home run that you hit. Seriously, there’s no way that could be sweeter.

Alas, the game will not be released until next month, so Yankees fans are going to have to wait to indulge, just like every other PS MLB The Show gamer on the planet. But rest assured, the wait will absolutely be worth it.

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