Alex Rodriguez
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is now discussing finance by offering real estate tips as CNBC commentator.

He mastered two positions in baseball and now Alex Rodriguez is looking to master two more—that of real estate mogul and financial journalist. Rodriguez, who according to baseball reference has earned over $441 million over his career, tells readers that his companies manage over 13,000 apartment units in 10 states.

A-Rod offers three in-depth strategies for real estate investing in an article he penned himself for CNBC. First, he speaks to the value of investing in multifamily dwellings and refurbishing them. He also speaks about the long-term value of sub-markets and investing in both industrial and high-end residential space. Lastly, Rodriguez gives his thoughts on the Fed predicting that mortgage rates will not stay low.

The CEO of A-Rod Corp, which he founded during his playing days, A-Rod’s investment advice is thorough, analytical and in-depth. This is obviously more than a side-endeavor for Rodriguez, who signed among the richest contracts in baseball history. Rodriguez also appeared as a guest on CNBC’s Closing Bell along with his CFO and spoke about his investments in both real estate as well as green energy, where his company finances green retrofits and upgrades.

A-Rod Corp is a capital investment company that has investments in real estate, media as well as health and wellness. Rodriguez’ whose firm has capital in a variety of companies and sectors including UFC, Snapchat and E-sports, talks about how he got started in real estate 18-years-ago with merely a duplex.

The versatile superstar who amassed Hall-of-Fame numbers as a baseball player amid a bevy of controversy after being caught and suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs has forged a second baseball career as a commentator for both FOX and ESPN, earning rave reviews for his pointed analysis.

Over a 21-year career, A-Rod amassed 696 home runs, fourth on the all-time list and is third with 2086 RBI. The 14-time All-Star won three MVP’s a batting title and ten silver sluggers playing shortstop and third base for the Mariners, Rangers and Yankees. Rodriguez, who hit home runs in his teens, 20s, 30s and 40s, retired after the 2016 season and is also a Special Assistant for the Yankees.

Joshua Casper is a New York based Sportswriter who has written for both local and national publications. He also has broadcasting experience with MSG Networks and has worked in sports media relations. Mr. Casper resides in Brooklyn, NY.