New York Yankees, Todd Frazier
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We’ve all heard just how awesome it would be to have Todd Frazier return to the New York Yankees. It’s time to bring back a father figure to the Bronx for all these young prospects.

Statistically, Todd Frazier was by far one of the least productive players on the 2017 New York Yankees. However, he still won the hearts of Yankees fans, a la the ways of former right fielder Nick Swisher.

Frazier’s attitude, perchance for trolling fans and child-like enthusiasm about the game grew on fans, making him an instant fan favorite despite his .222 batting average in the Bronx.

The Yankees are planning on bringing up some ripe, youthful players from the minors to man both second and third base. Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres have already been putting in work this offseason to win those roles while Frazier has been left unsigned.

The Toddfather needs a home. The Yankees need an energetic veteran leader. Boom. Forget the money, it’s worth it for the perfect fit.

But wait, you’ll say. Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia are currently leading the crew. But are either of these guys Todd Frazier? As in, are either of those guys as excitable, as expressive, as team-oriented as Frazier?

Gardner can take care of the pep talks. Both Sabathia and Gardner can serve as mentors on the playing field. But Frazier brings an energy that is unparalleled. Regardless of his batting average or the number of home runs he cranks, he makes a difference just by being in a Yankee uniform.

Sure, everyone says that but where is the proof? In the 66 games he played with the Yankees, the team went 40-26. That can, of course, be chalked up to a team effort, but the reality is that the team did incredible when Frazier’s presence was in the Bronx.

Don’t tell me you haven’t watched him in the dugout after a game-tying home run. Don’t even argue that his excitement means nothing to that squad. In fact, that excitement is just what the Yankees need with these young players coming up.

Having veteran mentors is great but a mentor like Frazier, who brings fun back into the game, is perfect. He can show them the ropes of being a professional athlete while also reminding them not to take it all too seriously. He will remind them that the game they are playing is the same one they grew up with, so why not enjoy it like a kid?

Frazier has a lot of the same qualities as Nick Swisher, without being quite as eccentric. Swish became a fan favorite because of his love for the game and Frazier exemplifies that every time he steps on the field.

Andujar and Torres are coming into a fun environment. Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are getting the hang of things. Frazier is there to remind them that it is ultimately just a game, a game that brings joy to both fans and players. Frazier might not hit home runs all the time but his positive attitude and hilarious celebrations are worth the contract he’ll sign.

Todd Frazier coming back to the Bronx would be a thumbs-down move. Let’s bring the Toddfather home for the sake of these rookies.

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