Miguel Andujar New York Yankees
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees may not have finished last season at No. 1 but with their loaded farm system, they got a shot at being No. 2 instead.

New York Yankees buzz is back in action! While the Yankees may not be making moves quite like the Milwaukee Brewers, they are keeping their farm system intact.

These young players in the farm system have yet to see major league field time but they are already earning respect from across the league. In fact, ESPN’s Keith Law revealed his rankings of the farm systems. And, naturally, the Yankees’ system finished right up top.

No, they weren’t the top-ranked system but they ranked second behind the Atlanta Braves. Now, here’s what we have to look at. While the Braves have the best system, their current team in the majors is less than spectacular.

The Yankees not only have a highly ranked system of prospects, they also are killing it in the big leagues too. They are set for this season and for years to come. The present and the future are incredibly bright.

And the Jacoby Ellsbury saga continues. Much like we all anticipated, an Ellsbury trade to Milwaukee is not happening. So what is next for Ellsbury?

Well, Michael Kay sat down and chatted over the phone with Scott Boras, Ellsbury’s agent, who gave us a better idea about what Ellsbury’s plans are. And we’re going to be seeing a new Ellsbury come spring training.

Boras is right about Ells…he did play a big role in getting the Yankees to where they ended up. He may not have been the most consistent or the most reliable come playoff time, but he did play hard last season.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that a newly energized Ellsbury will take the field in Tampa, ready to fight for what has been his position for so many years.

This is the kind of stuff we’ve been waiting to hear. No more speculation, let’s try and get news straight from the source. That’s exactly what we got from Boras in regards to Ellsbury.

Just remember, Yankees baseball will be back before you know it! Start getting your throwing arm ready because when spring training comes, we’ll all be ready to play.

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