CC Sabathia, Bomber Buzz
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Food is the word of the day as New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia reveals his approach to keeping up with the kids with his new diet and the Trenton Thunder are set to pay homage to the Garden State’s favorite meat in 2018.

Good morning New York Yankees family! To most of us, breakfast is something we have and has little to no thought or emphasis put behind it. But to CC Sabathia, it is a well-thought-out first and important step in the rigorous offseason program that has the big guy feeling as youthful as ever.

In an article written by’s Lindsay Berra (granddaughter of the late, great Yogi Berra), the 6-foot-6 lefty has decided to go vegan in order to go along with his six-day-a-week workout with trainer D.J. Lopez in Long Island, NY. According to Berra, Sabathia looks “fighting trim”, which CC says is key to keeping up with what he refers to as the “kids” in this his 17th offseason as a big leaguer.

While the big man is dieting, it is with the intention of staying the same weight, but being stronger as to be able to last through the 2018 season. Berra added that Sabathia, while enjoying his newfound daily regimen, is certainly looking forward to the daily grind. The grind revolves around knowing he’s to pitch every fifth day, with the day after he pitches being his most strenuous including both weight training and cardio.

The second day focuses on interval and sprint work which also includes  room for a bullpen session. The third day allocates for low-impact activities and day four (Sabathia’s favorite) is a day of just light tossing.

Berra closed by saying that Sabathia intends to stick to the vegan diet throughout the season, except for his annual rack of ribs during the team’s first visit to Kansas City. Amazing.

Thunder rolls, so does pork

Now from the “something you don’t hear everyday” category, the Yankees Double-A affiliate Trenton Thunder are making some tasty changes to their uniforms every Friday night this season.

According to the team’s Twitter account, every single Friday night home game will feature pork roll uniforms, a pork roll mascot and pork roll food and merchandise to commemorate the team’s 25th season in New Jersey. In related news, the team’s PR department is going to have a field day with the infinite number of pun possibilities for this promotion. “Thunder Rolls,” “Hope the team has a good Season,” and “Slow cook the competition” are all options, just to name a few.

I don’t know if I am more interested to see what they come up with or if I am just hungry. Either way, delicious.

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