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Morons have vandalized the iconic ‘Field of Dreams’

The iconic ball field that was constructed for the movie “Field Of Dreams” was vandalized earlier this week by what can only be described as morons.

Someone—or a group of people—decided that it’d be a great idea to drive on the field created for Kevin Costner’s 1989 classic “Field of Dreams,” causing thousands in damages.

Denise Stillman, the owner of the field, spoke with John Kruse of the Telegraph Herald. “Someone who is disturbed had some agenda to damage the field,” Stillman said. “It’s upsetting.”

A vehicle drove through the field and across the mound causing what Stillman estimates to be thousands of dollars worth of damage to the ball field. The field’s manager, Al Steffan, was called to come to the field the morning after the incident and believes that a lot of the damage was caused as the vehicle was able to get its tires deep into the grass and infield area, which were wet after recent rain. Deep gashes were visible throughout the field.

The film, co-starring James Earl Jones, told the story a family who turned their profitable cornfields into a baseball field. The movie was a little far-fetched as the lead character, Ray Kinsella, heard voices and saw the ghosts of ballplayers—including his dad—playing the great game of baseball on the homemade ball field he built. Ultimately, it was a story about how a son and his deceased father came together one more time to have a catch. “If you build it, they will come” was the words that brought the field and family back together.

The field came to life in the small town of  Dyersville, Iowa and after the movie finished production, the field remained to serve as a free tourist attraction in the town.

Stillman will keep the field open during the repairs that need to be done. “A lot of people travel (from) all over the world to come see the Field of Dreams, and they don’t always check Facebook to make sure we are open,” Stillman said. “We’ll just have to keep operating as is.”

The repairs are expected to take the entire season to be completed.

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