Former New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez has certainly hit his fair share of home runs in his career. He just found the one kid who might be better at it during The Tonight Show.

Alex Rodriguez has had a big week. First, he agreed to a deal as a play-by-play announcer on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. Next, he got to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Then, he got beat by a 22-month-old star in the batting cages.

A-Rod may have been a superstar in his time on the field, but now the real superstar is little Asher Willig, a young boy whose soft toss practice with his father went viral.

Not yet two years old and Willig is already swinging for the fences, beating a recently retired Rodriguez at what he does best. Naturally, A-Rod batted from the left-hand side and used a smaller bat. But still, you can’t discount the impressive swing from this little phenom.

While everyone is raving over this little guy, let’s not forget about Alex Rodriguez and how he’s turned from a hated figure, an enemy of the sport of baseball, into a loveable television personality who can make fun of his old ways.

I mean, he actually criticizes his final season in the Bronx, where he batted .200 with nine home runs in a shortened season. Well, at least he’s loosened up a little.

But that swing hasn’t changed one bit. Even in the lefty’s batters box, Rodriguez still had a swing as smooth as butter. Too bad we couldn’t see a home run trot, just for old time’s sake.

Now back to that kid. Asher Willig, whose father played baseball for Chattanooga State and Emmanuel College, is already turning heads and he hasn’t even had his first day of school yet. A-Rod may have been a teenage superstar but this kid has got him beat by a few years.

Nice job, Asher. Maybe you’ll be the next Alex Rodriguez. We look forward to drafting you in 2033.

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