New York Yankees Baby Bomber
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Athletes are people too. Before these Baby Bombers became the youthful faces of the New York Yankees, they were just regular users of Twitter. The internet is forever so we dug up some of their finest tweets from pre-Bomber days.

When the offseason is quiet, what is there to write about? Sure, people can re-write the same pieces over and over again or they can try something new. For us, we’re trying something new for the New York Yankees.

Originally founded in 2006, the website has blown up, giving fans and athletes alike to express their strangest thoughts for the entire world to see.

While us “regular people” use Twitter, so do these world-famous athletes. Now they’ve learned how to control their social media presence and continuously retweet highlights and anything supporting their team. But back in the day, they were able to tweet freely. And boy, was it funny.

ESNY has done some digging and present to you some of the most enjoyable tweets from various Baby Bombers. Just remember, the internet will always be there to haunt you.

Didi Gregorius

Professional or casual: Right in the middle

Tweet entertainment: 3/10

We’ve come to know Didi Gregorius as a loveable, charming shortstop whose postgame tweets are as famous as his smile. Before she started his postgame tweets, he was just a casual tweeter.

The end of 2014 also marked the end of his tenure with the Arizona Diamondbacks. At this point, he was still famous, just not New York-famous.

I didn’t realize an important lesson until I stumbled across this tweet…and Didi is exactly right. There should be no hard feelings for having a treat. You’re just celebrating someone else’s birthday. I have Gregorius to thank for my next cake splurge.

Aaron Hicks

Professional or casual: Pretty casual

Tweet entertainment: 5/10

Back in 2012, Aaron Hicks was still manning the outfield for the Triple-A Rochester Red Wings before being called up to the Minnesota Twins. Also back in 2012, Hicks had terrible internet.

We can all relate to this tweet. In fact, this would likely be something that was tweeted pretty frequently back in the day. However, now that Aaron Hicks got himself a nice contract with the Yankees, he can probably afford the best internet in the business.

No more fear of slow internet. Being a famous athlete will do that for you. Now he can continue to watch his Aaron Judge highlights without interruption.

Jordan Montgomery

Professional or casual: Way too casual

Tweet entertainment: 7.5/10

Gumby gets in on the Twitter game too. However, back in 2015, he used it to call out Papa John’s for not delivering his pizza.

Dang, Montgomery doesn’t mess around when it comes to food. Not only did he name-drop, he also tagged their official Twitter account to make sure they knew he was talking about them.

I guarantee you since then he must have gotten numerous pizzas for free, maybe some from Papa John’s, if he decided to even order from them again. It sounded like his experience was devastating so I wouldn’t blame him if he never called them again.

Aaron Judge

Professional or casual: As casual as you can get

Tweet entertainment: 10/10

Who knew that gentle giant Aaron Judge had such a sense of humor? He showed us all with this gem of a tweet back in 2013.

I guarantee you that all of you looked at this tweet and just automatically went, “wait, me too.” Or at least it made you think that, yeah, this was something I’ve done before.

Judge gave us a laugh back then and makes us smile today with all his home runs and stellar play. At least we know that the superhuman Judge is just like us in his kitchen habits.

Jake Cave

Professional or casual: Casual

Tweet entertainment: 10/10, would recommend

Jake Cave may still be in the minor leagues but his Twitter is ready for the big leagues. Why? He’s freaking hilarious.

If you haven’t followed Cave yet, do so. not just for the updates on his play but more so for his musings about everyday life. This guy is truly ready to make it big but still tweets like a typical college kid.

Anyone can say anything they want on Twitter, athletes included. Thanks to the internet, we get a sneak peek in on these athletes’ lives. Turns out they are absolutely hilarious.

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