New York Yankees Starlin Castro
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This offseason has been gravy for the New York Yankees, including that massive trade to bring Giancarlo Stanton to the Bronx in exchange for Starlin Castro and prospects. Now with Castro wanting out of Miami, could the Yankees work some magic and bring him back?

We thought we heard the last of Starlin Castro when the New York Yankees shipped him off in favor of the heavy hitting Giancarlo Stanton.

Now with Castro reportedly wanting out of Miami, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, rumors are running rampant that there might be move in place to bring Castro back to his home in the Bronx.

Remember, this is just a rumor. That means it’s okay to play around with it a little bit and use our imaginations. Here we go.

When Castro got traded, it seemed like the perfect move. By eliminating Castro from the lineup, Brian Cashman made room for the introduction and development of Gleyber Torres, the most coveted prospect waiting in the wings.

While his trade revealed an opening for Torres, it also made the Yankees more vulnerable. It makes them have to rely on a an unproven rookie infielder who only played 10 games last season at second base.

Torres played the majority of his time between Double and Triple-A at shortstop, only practicing a handful of games at the position that he is expected to take over. And as any former baseball or softball player will tell you, second base and shortstop are two completely different animals.

By sending Castro to Miami, the pressure is on for Torres. You’re also relying on a combination of Torres and Ronald Torreyes to hold down the fort at second base. While not a bad combination, we have no idea what to expect like we did when Castro was in the lineup.

Torres could come out and become the best defensive second baseman in the league. The problem is, the Yankees have no idea what to expect. If he comes out and ends up failing the test at second base, the Yankees have nowhere else to turn. They’ve put all their eggs in one basket all to get Stanton on their team.

In his acquisition, they got rid of their consistent and talented second baseman. Now he wants out of Miami and, more than likely, back to the Bronx.

Castro was the picture of consistency. He finally filled a growing void at second base that was left by Robinson Cano’s departure after the 2013 season. While he was no Cano, he certainly brought an enthusiasm and great production that Stephen Drew and Brian Roberts could not in their time in the Bronx.

Will it happen? Fat chance, really. If it does, it would require some incredible negotiating on the part of Brian Cashman, which he has been known to do. They just got rid of Castro but wouldn’t it be something if they got him back?

We can only imagine that Cashman has some tricks up his sleeve to bring back a pretty clutch piece in the Yankees lineup. But we’re likely just dreaming. Even so, bringing Castro back to the Bronx sounds ridiculous but might not be out of the realm of possibility.

If Gleyber Torres isn’t working out, Castro might be a mid-season trade for the Yankees. We thought we were done with Castro but his story in the Bronx might have a few more chapters.

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