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Vikings Everson Griffen is all of America right now (Video)

Now that we’ve had some time to stop and breathe, we can recap the entire New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings game that has already made its way onto all-time lists. Vikings defensive lineman Everson Griffen has given us words to describe just what happened.

The catch by Stefon Diggs will be played on repeat for the rest of the playoffs and likely in all playoffs moving forward. However, perhaps the most entertaining thing happened in the postgame interviews.

Minnesota Vikings lineman Everson Griffen may not be a huge name but he was the big personality after the game.

As he was interviewed by ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Griffen wore his heart on his sleeve and made an absolute fool of himself on live TV. But in the situation, it was endearing.

He is legitimately a kid at Christmas, freaking out over his new Xbox or whatever the kids are asking for these days. We can laugh about that all we want but that was our exact reaction as the final play went down in Minnesota.

Griffen played a huge role in the game, including a tipped pass earlier in the first half to assist in a interception by his teammate. So it’s nice to see him have fun.

This interview just goes to show that these players are just kids playing the game they love for a living. Remember when you were that excited about a play as a kid? Your first home run? Your first touchdown pass? Griffen reminded us that this sport is all about passion.

It’s great to see players react like that to remind us that they’re just like us. No matter how much money they are making, they are truly playing for the love of the game. They are playing for moments like this.

No Vikings fan will forget this moment…no Saints fan either, for that matter. But Griffen’s reaction will be displayed on the internet so he will really and truly never forget this moment and we’re thankful for that.

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