As 2017 draws to a close, the 2018 season is destined to be something special for the New York Yankees. Let’s take a look at some New Year’s resolutions that these individual Yankees should have for next year.

The year 2017 has come and gone with some incredible moments for the New York Yankees. Their magical season was by far the highlight of many fans’ otherwise lackluster years.

With the arrival of 2018, the Yankees are likely making goals that they want to accomplish. Make the World Series has to be at the top of the list. Maybe a few extra home runs on the part of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

As always, the motto here at ESNY is “have fun” so why not have a little fun looking at these Yankees and what their New Year’s resolutions should be.

It’s all about imagination, my friends. So let your imagination run wild and take a look at some of these Yankees players’ goals for 2018.

Greg Bird: To play a full season without injury

Greg Bird is the Golden Bird right now, as he has the starting position at first base for the New York Yankees. After being occupied by several big names in the past, Bird will get a chance to truly show off his stuff with a full-time gig.

But wait…he has yet to play a full season in pinstripes without injury shutting him down halfway through. That makes this the perfect resolution for him.

Everyone is excited to see if Bird is indeed the word this year in the Bronx and why would he want to let anyone down? Bird has a lot to prove but he can certainly do it.

So get on board, Birdy! We all want to see you play without injury and I bet it would make you happy too.

Aaron Boone: Don’t screw up

Aaron Boone’s resolution should be incredibly simple: just don’t mess it up.

He is coming to a Yankees team that boasts Judge, Gary Sanchez and, now, Giancarlo Stanton. That is a lineup that is destined for greatness and, if Aaron Boone is lucky, he won’t have to do much at all.

So basically he just can’t screw it up. He can’t make silly decisions in regards to substitutions or relying on Dellin Betances when he has runners on base. He just has to listen and do what he’s told. That is all.

Aaron Boone, you have a golden opportunity. You have stumbled into a team that was one out from going to the World Series last year and is only going to get better. Easy enough.

David Robertson: Record a faster sprint time from the bullpen

David Robertson provided us with a lot of pure joy throughout the season but the best moment had to be his epic sprint from the bullpen to defend his teammates during the Yankees-Tigers fight in August.

While he put on a pretty impressive display with his stellar sprint from the outfield to the brawl, I can’t help but think that he could do so much better. If he ran faster, he actually could’ve gotten there while the fight was still going on instead of at the tail end.

He could work on several things this offseason but this might be something he wouldn’t think of. However, he could be a much better teammate if he could get to the fights sooner. Just saying.

Gary Sanchez: Work on those passed balls

This one is pretty obvious for the young catcher. Gary Sanchez is great and all but he needs to work on his defense behind the plate…especially those passed balls.

He had 16 passed balls all last season, ranking first among catchers in the American League. While there were so many, Sanchez luckily didn’t cost them their season with his mistakes. However, we would definitely benefit from seeing an improvement from his play behind the dish.

Sanchez’s resolution may be boring but it’s something that needs to be done. Imagine a Sanchez who lets past fewer than five passed balls next season? Yeah…wow.

Masahiro Tanaka: Show more emotion on the mound

Masahiro Tanaka is like Corey Kluber in a way. He rarely shows emotion when he’s pitching. This past season, however, he has demonstrated that he indeed does feel things when he’s on the mound. And it’s been great.

The Yankees would love to see more of pumped-up Tanaka, the guy who yells on the mound and gets into the game. That should be a goal for Tanaka next year, to show some more emotion on the field.

During the playoffs was when we got a great glimpse at his outbursts on the mound. How about during the regular season as well?

Tanaka, I know that Yankees fans would LOVE to see more of this side of you. Maybe it can get your back to your incredible pitching prowess.

New Year, New York Yankees! These Yankees have much to look forward to and these resolutions can help set them straight for 2018.

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