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This Sunday marks the final week of play for the 17-week season. Here are the NFL Playoff scenarios for all the teams still alive for the 2017 tournament. 

Battle for top spot in the AFC

Let us start in the AFC. The battle for the number 1 overall seed is still up in the air. The Patriots currently own that spot, thanks to their controversial win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 15.


The Steelers are currently in the number 2 spot with a 12-3 record and can move up to the number 1 spot with a win and a Patriots loss in Week 17.

Who will finish with the Wild Card slots?

The Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans currently own the number 5 and 6 spots in the AFC. See the chart underneath to determine the scenarios.

No. 2-4 seeds in NFC still up for grabs

Entering Week 17, the 2-4 seeds in the NFC is still yet to be determined. Please see the chart underneath to determine the scenarios.

NFC Wild Card spots still up for grabs

The Saints, Panthers, Falcons and Seahawks are still fighting to secure playoff positioning. While the Panthers and Saints have clinched a spot in the postseason, the Falcons and Seahawks have yet to do so. See the chart underneath for the scenarios.

NFC Playoff Seeds Entering Week 17
W-L Division/Wild Card Status Tiebreaker Status/Note
1Eagles13-2NFC East champion
2Vikings12-3NFC North champion
3Rams11-4NFC West championHead-to-head win vs. Saints
4Saints11-4NFC South leaderSwept Panthers head-to-head
5Panthers11-4Wild Card leader
6Falcons9-6Wild Card leaderHead-to-head win vs Seahawks
Still Alive
Seahawks 9-6
AFC Playoff Seeds Entering Week 17
1Patriots 12-3AFC East championHead-to-head win vs Steelers
2Steelers 12-3AFC North champion
3Jaguars 10-5AFC South championLOCKED INTO 3 SEED
4Chiefs 9-6AFC West championLOCKED INTO 4 SEED
5Ravens 9-6Wild Card leader
6Titans 8-7Wild Card leader Better conference W-L than Chargers & Bills
Still Alive
Chargers 8-7Head-to-head win vs Bills
Bills 8-7

NFL Playoffs

Playoff seeding scenarios


No. 1 Seed

  • Patriots: (1) win OR (2) PIT loss
  • Steelers: win + NE loss

No. 2 Seed

  • Patriots: loss + PIT win
  • Steelers: (1) loss OR (2) NE win

No. 3 Seed

  • Jaguars

No. 4 Seed

  • Chiefs

No. 5 Seed

  • Bills: (1) win + BAL loss + LAC loss (2) Win + BAL loss + TEN loss
  • Ravens: (1) win OR (2) loss + BUF loss; TEN loss
  • Titans: (1) win + BAL loss + BUF loss (2) win + BAL loss + LAC win

No. 6 Seed

  • Bills: (1) win + BAL win + LAC loss; TEN loss OR (2) win + BAL loss + LAC win + TEN win
  • Chargers: (1) win + BAL win + TEN loss OR (2) win + BUF loss + TEN loss
  • Ravens: (1) loss + BUF loss + TEN win OR (2) Loss + BUF win + TEN loss
  • Titans: (1) win + BAL win OR (2) Win + BUF win + LAC loss OR (3) loss; BUF loss + LAC loss


No. 1 Seed

  • Eagles

No. 2 Seed

  • Panthers: win + MIN loss + NO loss; LAR loss
  • Vikings: (1) win OR (2) CAR loss OR (3) NO win OR 4) LAR win

No. 3 Seed

  • Panthers: win + MIN win + NO loss +LAR loss
  • Rams: (1) win OR (2) CAR loss + NO loss
  • Saints: win + LAR loss
  • Vikings: loss + CAR win + NO loss +LAR loss

No. 4 Seed

  • Panthers: win + NO loss + LAR win
  • Rams: (1) loss + NO win OR (2) loss + AR win
  • Saints: (1) win + LAR win OR (2) loss + CAR loss

No. 5 Seed

  • Panthers: (1) loss OR (2) NO win
  • Saints: loss + CAR win

No. 6 Seed

  • Falcons: (1) win OR (2) SEA loss
  • Seahawks: win + ATL loss

I hope this helps everyone understand what needs to happen in every scenario. For those of us who do not have a degree in engineering, this table should help everyone with any questions they have.

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