Yankees Bomber Buzz, 12/20/17: A tax anything but luxury
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Back at it again with all the latest New York Yankees news! Today we cover the latest from the land of the luxury tax.

The New York Yankees have indeed been able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle but there’s one thing that has been holding them back…that darn luxury tax.

Yesterday, it was originally reported by the Associated Press that the Bronx Bombers would owe $15.7 million this season, the second largest amount behind only the Los Angeles Dodgers at $36.2 million.

According to the Associated Press, this would be the 15th straight season that the Yankees were hit with paying the luxury tax. However, it is also reported that the $15.7 million is their lowest total owed since 2011.

Well, now the Yankees are looking to cut payroll with their slashing of major contracts with Starlin Castro and Chase Headley. They also vow to come in under the luxury tax threshold next year.

We’ll just have to wait and see what other tricks the Yankees have up their sleeves. For now, they are still owing the Commissioners office some big bucks.

Now let’s take it back a few years and look at what MLB posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

Can you believe that Hideki Matsui signed with the Yankees 15 years ago? And that he also knocked a grand slam in his first game at the Stadium?

I think it’s a great thing the Yankees didn’t get Shohei Ohtani because no Japanese player could ever top Matsui’s debut for the Yankees.

Not only in his first game in the Stadium but also he came up huge for the Yankees in 2009, ultimately winning the World Series MVP award.

The memories we have of Godzilla are endless but this is probably one of the absolute best. We could spend all day reminiscing about the Japanese import but that is another article for another time.

Yesterday was a quiet one in Yankees land. However, we’ll make sure to keep you covered as soon as something breaks.

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