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Pittsburgh Steelers fan has passionately vulgar reaction to Patriots game


One Pittsburgh Steelers fan is clearly enraged by how Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots ended.

Football fans are intense. Nobody has ever been able to deny that. Whether it’s Buffalo Bills fans jumping through tables, Green Bay Packers fans going to games shirtless in sub-zero temperatures, or New York Jets fans booing every single draft pick the team ever makes, it’s universally accepted that football fans are both intense and slightly insane.

The passion that football fans bring does not go away with age, as shown in this Instagram video posted by Bleacher Report (warning: NSFW). This Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan spent a large amount of time screaming at his TV.

He was especially incensed by the controversial no-catch to end the game, directing a large number of obscenities at the referees, who should consider themselves fortunate that the NFL doesn’t allow fans to question them directly.

There are several factors to this man’s frustration. First of all is that his team got absolutely robbed by the no-catch rule. Tight end Jesse James had the ball in his hand for an amount of time that anybody who knows football would agree was a catch.

But hey, rules are rules.

Secondly, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the New England Patriots again. This seems to be a yearly occurrence for them at this point. The Steelers will have a late-season game against the Patriots, enter with momentum, and get run out of the building by the Patriots.

The team seems to try everything, whether it be it blitzing Tom Brady, dropping everyone into coverage to keep him from throwing it, running over a Tom Brady voodoo doll with an 18 wheeler, putting out a mob hit on Brady, even making Brady play with properly inflated balls, but it doesn’t matter. They just can’t beat him.

Lastly, the man is channeling the frustration of every single football fan outside of Boston when he watched the Patriots get handed yet another win by the officials. This wasn’t quite as bad as the infamous Tuck Rule, but it’s on par with the Austin Seferian-Jenkins fumble when he never actually let go of the ball from earlier this year.

In conclusion, the man had a perfectly reasonable reaction to the Patriots once again getting handed a victory.

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