Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton takes parting shots at Miami Marlins
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The New York Yankees newest superstar, Giancarlo Stanton didn’t hold anything back in his farewell Instagram post or his initial press conference.

Giancarlo Stanton took to Instagram to bid farewell to Miami prior to his introductory press conference with the Yankees. While mostly grateful, Stanton wasn’t afraid to deal some parting blows to the Miami Marlins organization.

Thank you to the Marlins Organization & the amazing city of Miami! The city that adopted me at 17 with open arms. I’ve loved this place over the years and it will always be special to me. I appreciate All my teammates & coaching Staff that battled day in and day out I feel for u fans, you’ve stuck with me as we’ve shared some roller coaster years. I’ve always tried to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional , circus times there! Regardless of the Ups&downs, I’ve grown n learned a lot as a Person/Player. So for that I give thanks, I hope there are better days in Miami . The city & the people are too great not to be! Stay positive & much love ! ————————————— As for NEW YORK CITY !!! I am officially a YANKEE?? I can’t wait to spark this new chapter in my life, & keeping it Lit ?

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Clearly, Stanton was frustrated during his time in Miami. He spent years playing on losing teams in an empty stadium. It’s only natural that he is going to feel some resentment towards the organization for never truly “going for it” while he was there.

He doubled down on these comments during his press conference, according to the Los Angeles TimesAndy McCullough. “You guys in the media have seen how it goes down there. No structure. No direction.”

It looks like Miami now has structure and a direction. Unfortunately for Stanton, the direction Derek Jeter and the Marlins want to go in is filled with trading big names and cutting costs. Putting a winning product on the field is not in the Marlins’ immediate goals.

It’s clear that Stanton is harboring some hard feelings with the way his time in Miami ended. Can you blame him? He thought the team was capable of putting together a winning season for the 2018 season. Derek Jeter and management felt otherwise.

Luckily for Stanton, his no-trade clause gave him serious leverage in deciding where to go. He vetoed trades to St. Louis and San Francisco before landing in the Bronx. He may still have hard feelings towards the Marlins, but in the end, he is getting exactly what he wanted. He is going to a team with a chance to contend for a World Series, he is still getting paid a boatload, and now he gets to be best friends with Aaron Judge.

I know a lot of people that would sign up for that—and I feel bad for those poor, innocent baseballs that those two are going to destroy for the next decade in the Bronx.

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