The Great Stan-tino: The New York Yankees and Giancarlo Stanton a reality?
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Guys, it might be happening. The New York Yankees are making a run for Giancarlo Stanton. Here’s who the Yankees should consider holding on to during the process.

Having Aaron Judge win the Home Run Derby in 2017 was incredible. How about witnessing a Home Run Derby every single day?

The New York Yankees are campaigning for hot-ticket item Giancarlo Stanton and the rumors have only gotten more intense. But that’s the thing about New York media … they love potential blockbuster trades.

After sources earlier yesterday confirmed that Giancarlo Stanton would accept a trade to the Bronx, Ken Rosenthal got fans hot and bothered by sharing this latest development.

Cue the massive amount of Yankees fans using the gif of Michael Scott from The Office. You know the one. Anyway, rumors have run wild and fans are speculating just who would be heading down to South Florida in this exchange.

Instead of speculating exact trade scenarios, let’s try and debunk myths on which players will be going and which ones are set to stay in the Bronx for the foreseeable future. Just because it’s Stanton doesn’t mean the Yankees have to give up their farm system in the process.

Here are the players who are highly likely, on the fence and highly unlikely to be moved in favor of the Great Stantino coming to the Bronx.

Clint Frazier- Highly likely

I admit. Last season, I assumed Clint Frazier was among the untouchables when it came to prospects. With the Yankees calling him up and getting a taste of his play in left field, it seemed that his power and short swing were going to be around the Bronx for the long haul.

With Stanton on the line, the Yankees would be very likely to part with him. Getting Stanton would bring yet another outfielder to the Yankees and Frazier sits behind Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks and Brett Gardner on the depth chart.

It would not only make sense to include Frazier in a potential trade but it would be a good return for the up-and-coming Miami Marlins. If Stanton does indeed come to the Bronx, Frazier won’t be there to welcome him in.

Brett Gardner- On the fence

Brett Gardner has been the Yankees’ left fielder for far too long that the Yankees wouldn’t just send him away. For Stanton, though? Maybe.

Similar to Frazier, the Yankees would be gaining an outfielder in Stanton so it would make sense to give them an outfielder.

The difference with Gardner is that he’s a proven major league player. The problem? He’s 34 years old and has only had one All-Star season.

He’s been such a valuable asset for the Yankees but probably won’t be as appealing to the youth movement Derek Jeter is preaching in Miami. He’ll probably stay in pinstripes but he’s a name to look out for on the trade radar as all this goes down.

Gleyber Torres– Highly unlikely

Short description: Hell no.

Longer description: Torres just earned the slot as the No. 1 Yankees prospect and Brian Cashman has informed the world that Torres would likely be in the Yankees’ starting lineup come Opening Day.

They have been grooming him for years to take over in whatever capacity he is needed. The Yankees are so impressed with him that I don’t see them parting with him for Stanton.

That is all.

Chance Adams- On the fence

This one is tough. I could see Chance Adams being packaged in a deal but I could also see the Yankees giving a hard no on the potential of losing one of their top pitching prospects.

If the Yankees do decide to throw in Chance Adams, it will be because they have Justus Sheffield, Albert Abreu and Domingo German waiting in the wings.

That’s the beauty of having a stacked farm system; you don’t need them all and can use them as trade bait. Adams could go either way. We’ll just have to see how much the Yankees are willing to give to gain another big bat.

Starlin Castro- Highly likely

If Jacoby Ellsbury isn’t the one to get traded for the Stanton deal, it’s got to be Starlin Castro. Reports surfaced last night from Jon Morosi on Twitter that Castro’s name might be among those the Marlins have asked about.

While it would be a perfect fit for the Marlins, who recently lost Dee Gordon to the Mariners, talk of Castro being moved hasn’t been on the front burner.

It’s hard to tell whether it’s just talk or if it’s something more. All I can say for right now is that I wouldn’t be surprised if Castro gets the call to Miami and I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in pinstripes. This one is up in the air.

The possibilities are endless. Just know that until the deal happens (that is IF it happens), there will be speculation out there. Make sure you don’t listen to the jibber jabber.

When it truly happens, you’ll know. And boy, do Yankees fans hope to see a lineup with Judge, Stanton and Gary Sanchez. That’s just a dream that might turn into a reality.

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