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We all know that Todd Frazier is from Toms River, NJ. Now we know the New York Yankees third baseman has some famous friends in his home state.

While Todd Frazier’s future in pinstripes is uncertain, he might be be preparing for life after the New York Yankees.

Frazier took to Instagram this evening to share a photo of him dining with a Jersey Shore alum. That’s right, Frazier was sharing a table with none other than Jenni Farley, aka JWoww.

First of all, drinking milk with dessert? If it’s a rich chocolate cake, I understand. But anything else? Unacceptable.

Second, clearly Frazier has some connections in the Jersey area. I guess Toms River is a pretty cool place, especially in terms of meeting celebrities.

Third, why is he out with JWoww? The only logical explanation is that he is auditioning for a career after baseball. That career path might land him on the Jersey Shore.

Think about it: the show is planning a reboot for 2018. Everything is still up in the air about whether he’s coming back to the Yankees or not. Frazier is a Jersey native, for heaven’s sake!

All the pieces have to fit together for this. It would actually be cruel to tease us like this and then have it be ripped away from us. Now we expect to see at least a brief cameo from the fan favorite. You hear that, MTV? This is what we want to see!

Besides that, at least we know Frazier is having some fun this offseason. But was there ever any doubt about that, seeing how he acted all season long?

Now cue the insane rumors about Frazier’s appearance on the show because this is the Bronx…it’s going to happen. For now, though, we can at least enjoy knowing that Frazier is clearly a fan of the show.

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