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The New York Yankees officially have a new manager in former player Aaron Boone and, naturally, the Twitterverse exploded with stellar reactions to the news.

With every breaking news story, there is bound to be a select few internet reactions that make you giggle. Luckily, with the New York Yankees’ hiring of Aaron Boone as a manager, there was no shortage of stellar reactions from the internet.

Boone has never managed before but he does have some experience of being in the Bronx. Boone only played 54 games in pinstripes but he had some pretty great memories that came out of his experience.

Especially one long ball that cemented his place in Yankees’ history books and as Public Enemy #1 to the Boston Red Sox.

The Boone hiring has received mixed reviews as of late and because of that, the entire world has something to say about it. So bring on the entertainment.

Of course, Twitter is a perfect sounding board to express emotions in regards to everything from sports to politics. It seems a lot of people are happy for Aaron Boone but it seems that Jon Heyman sees another reason for him to be happy.

Luckily ESPN is located in snowy Bristol, CT because they’re going to need some ice for that burn. At least he avoided the recent layoffs that are looming at that campus.

Now, instead of talking about baseball on Sunday nights he’ll be coaching baseball all the time. That’s definitely a win for him.

I admit, this one truly made me chuckle. As we all well know, Alex Rodriguez was called to the Bronx to fill the void left by Boone during his offseason injury.

And with A-Rod being considered for manager at one point, it just fits in all so nicely. I mean, look at the irony. It’s just too perfect.

Honestly, this is probably how it all went down. I mean, ever since Boone has been announced as the manager, have you seen any other pictures of him besides that home run from Game 7?

I admit, I’ve watched that video on a loop every single time the Yankees play the Red Sox. And trust me, it never gets old.

Again, a pretty solid prediction. We probably have heard the last of Toms River talk when it comes to Todd Frazier but now we are entering a whole new era under Boone.

The reactions are sure to pick up over the next few days as people have taken the time to digest what has happen. But if these tweets are any indication, Twitter is going to be lit during Boone’s inaugural season.

We’re here for it every step of the way.

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