NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 10: Carlos Beltran #36 of the New York Yankees walks off the field during the fourth inning against the Detroit Tigers during a game at Yankee Stadium on June 10, 2016 in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Yankees defeated the Yankees 4-0. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees don’t need a commanding leader or a tyrant at the helm of their team. By interviewing Carlos Beltran and Aaron Boone, they show what they’re really looking for.

Plot behind the New York Yankees’ managerial search seems to thicken every single day. Brian Cashman has brought in various candidates from unique backgrounds to interview for the void that was left with Joe Girardi’s “firing.”

Among those candidates included two unique ones. While Rob Thomson and Hensley Meulens serve as well-traveled options, the recent interviews of Aaron Boone and Carlos Beltran have raised some eyebrows.

Former players who have NO experience at managing a team? What exactly are the Yankees trying to prove?

Well, they’re simply telling us exactly what this young team needs. They need a player’s manager who will allow them to grow by themselves without smothering.

“But we need an experienced manager,” they say. “This is the New York Yankees, the greatest franchise in the world,” they’ll argue. Maybe an inexperienced manager is just what this team needs.

There’s no doubt that both Beltran and Boone are incredibly intelligent when it comes to the sport. Boone served as an analyst on ESPN while Beltran was responsible for helping develop some of these young stars during his short time in the Bronx.

They know the sport inside and out and have already served as mentors in various ways. Neither may have the record to back them up when it comes to their resumes, but their attitude towards the game and developing youth is incredibly endearing.

You have Aaron Judge coming off a career rookie season. Gary Sanchez is coming into his own after a hot start in 2015. Luis Severino has emerged as the bonafide ace of the staff. These young guys don’t need someone to baby them; they need someone to show them how to win while giving them space to learn on their own.

While Girardi did an excellent job getting them started, it didn’t work out in the end. And while he got them far by being the doting manager, the Yankees don’t seem like they need that anymore.

Right now, they need someone who will aide them in their development with a strong, silent leader at the helm. That doesn’t necessarily mean there has to be experience behind the manager.

This is a new type of team so why can’t they try some new things? They are young, fresh and excited to be a part of the game. Why not bring in a manager who has exactly the same mentality when it comes to being a manager?

Beltran or Boone would bring a breath of fresh air to the manager’s position. While we were blessed with the reign of Joe Girardi, it might be nice to have a younger manager who could bring that excitement to the dugout, just like these younger players do.

The managerial search is still on and more candidates are likely to be announced soon. But with these latest additions to the interviews, we can already clarify that the Yankees are looking for something different.

No more stale managers. Baseball is a progressive game, constantly developing, and with the changing game comes a change in leadership.

The Yankees need a change. They might just get a brand-new guy to run the show, fresh out of the game himself. But we saw what the Yankees did with these young studs the past few years.

I think the kids will be all right…and that goes with an inexperienced manager as well.

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