Aaron Judge
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Multiple New York athletes, including Aaron Judge, received write-in votes during the recent New York City mayoral election.

Bill de Blasio was re-elected as mayor of New York City last month. However, he’s lucky that New York athletes didn’t run for mayor because he might not have won if they had.

New York Yankees right fielder and 2017 American League Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge received 10 write-in votes in the mayor race. According to Lou DiPietro of the YES Network, the 10 votes put Judge about 760,000 votes shy of de Blasio, but he was the lead vote-getter among Yankees personnel and New York athletes.

Former Yankee captain and current Miami Marlins co-owner Derek Jeter got two votes as did former manager Joe Girardi. Joe Torre, Don Mattingly, and Darryl Strawberry each got one vote. The Judge even beat out New York Knicks phenom Kristaps Porzingis, who got nine votes.

“That’s pretty funny. I think I’m definitely ready for the job,” Porzingis told ESPN’s Ian Begley when told about the write-in votes.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who just got benched by the team, got one vote as did WFAN’s Mike Francesa, according to Mike Mazzeo of the New York Daily News. Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and LaVar Ball even got some write-in votes as well.

I think that Judge would be a great mayor for New York City. He is very likable and has the support of Yankees fans.

However, Judge will have to wait four years for the next election if he wants to actually run for mayor. However unlikely it is, at least Judge knows that he could possibly have another job lined up if his current one were to suddenly end.

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