Jacoby Ellsbury
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Twenty-seventeen was a year of incredible highs for a young New York Yankees team. Now we can imagine what the perfect offseason would look like for the Bombers.

Your imagination is a powerful tool. It can cause your mind to run wild, faster than Brett Gardner on an inside-the-park home run. It truly is a beautiful thing.

Since the offseason has started and the hot stove is slowly heating up, the New York Yankees have some options to look into. Are they going to get another starter? Will they re-sign Todd Frazier? Will they make moves that will turn them into World Series champions come November of 2018?

The Yankees started out the season unsure where they’re future was headed. They ended the 2017 season with a trip to the playoffs and a young, hungry team aiming for the top. This offseason, they could get some reinforcements to help that.

But while the offseason is about incredible trade predictions and anxious anticipation, let’s say that everything goes the Yankees’ way. Let’s just sit and imagine that for a short period of time.

This would be the perfect offseason for the New York Yankees. Will it happen? Who knows. But we can always fall asleep with visions of World Series rings in our head.

Sign Shohei Otani

The coveted Japanese powerhouse has reportedly signed with a U.S. agent. Guys…it might just be happening.

The Yankees have been pining over Shohei Otani for years, the otherworldly pitcher/DH/monster who would likely headline a Home Run Derby in the coming seasons, alongside Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Yankees fans are salivating at the fact that this Japanese import could be coming to the Bronx. In a perfect word, as soon as he is posted, he would sign with the Yankees. And if he does, watch out to the rest of the baseball world.

Having Aaron Judge and Otani in the same lineup. Are you freaking kidding me? Add in the massive power of Gary Sanchez and the Yankees are going to be absolutely unstoppable. Forget this whole “winning the World Series in 2020” like Sports Illustrated says…getting Otani equals World Series titles as long as he’s here.

Trade Jacoby Ellsbury

Now this is something that has a one in a million chance of happening. But, hey, if the Yankees could unload Jacoby Ellsbury, it would be the perfect solution.

I don’t see any teams clambering over an aging, injury-prone outfielder who has years left on his contract but if the Yankees could get him out and make room for some of their young outfielders, they’d be set.

Ellsbury played a key role in the Yankees’ hot month of September but the rest of the season, his production seemed to be non-existent, especially after his concussion.

Imagine a world where Jacoby Ellsbury is NOT in a Yankees uniform. Beautiful, right? Let’s see if it happens this offseason.

Re-Sign Todd Frazier

I know what you’re thinking…what about the prospects? The young studs? Well, if we’re being honest…they aren’t ready.

The Todd Frazier-Chase Headley tandem worked out well as the season drew to a close. While Headley is under contract for one more year, the Yankees could still use the energy, firepower and inconsistent bat of Frazier.

No, he didn’t hit like a champ during his time here. But his presence in the dugout was something that you cannot teach. Even for a short-term deal, until Miguel Andujar or Gleyber Torres are ready, would be enough to bring that 2017 energy back for a World Series run.

Bring in Jay Bruce

The Yankees signed Matt Holliday to a one-year deal. Will they re-sign him? Not if they can have first dibs on Jay Bruce, whose swing is tailored for Yankee Stadium.

They tried but failed to get him during the season but after his performance in the playoffs, it will be worth it to pick up the DH.

Can they afford it? That’s a different story. However, in this imaginary world, money is no object. Might as well spend it on a DH who is tailor-made for the Stadium.

What other perfect moves could the Yankees make? You know, besides signing Alex Rodriguez on as a manager or bringing back Bartolo Colon for the entertainment factor.

The Yankees don’t have many holes to fill this offseason but with the right moves, they can make a huge splash for a championship run in 2018.

Allison is just a girl with an enormous passion for the game of baseball and the written word. Based in Upstate New York, her life-long relationship with the New York Yankees is something that she developed through close relationships with her mother and grandfather. An aspiring sports writer, she graduated with a journalism degree and is finding places to share her excitement about the sporting world and how it affects us all.