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Mike Francesa for 2018: The Next Yankees’ Manager? (Video)

WFAN’s Mike Francesa throws his hat into the ring by saying he wants to be the next manager of the New York Yankees.

The New York Yankees are looking for a new manager after Joe Girardi was let go. Now someone who you wouldn’t expect to be considered for the job is throwing himself into the ring.

Mike Francesa of WFAN stated this morning that he wants to be the Yankees’ next manager. Yes, you heard us right.

He is leaving WFAN in December so he would definitely be available. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman wants the next manager to have a good feel for the clubhouse, be able to use advanced statistics and can handle the fans and the media in New York.

I don’t know how Francesa would be in the clubhouse or if he can use advanced statistics. However, as a sports-radio show host, he has experience dealing with fans in New York so I think he could handle that part of the job.

The problem for Francesa if he tries to become the Yankees next manager is that New York fans probably won’t like him.  The radio host revealed recently that Gary Sanchez and other Yankees players didn’t like Girardi. That might have pissed Yankees fans off because, in their minds, Girardi was loved by everyone.

Another problem for Mike is that there are candidates who are more qualified for the job, both internally and externally. Don’t get your hopes up, Mike, because you won’t be the next manager of the Yankees.

In this reality or fantasy, it’s just not happening.

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