New York Yankees, Aaron Judge Take In Brooklyn Nets Game (Photo)

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge, CC Sabathia and Dellin Betances make sure to catch the Brooklyn Nets and LeBron James at Barclays Center. 

Baseball season is over and it’s now basketball season…just ask the New York Yankees.

The Brooklyn Nets expected all the attention of their fans to be focused on their game tonight. Too bad some New York Yankees superstars showed up in the front row.

That’s right, your favorite athletes in New York have taken a break from their short-lived vacation from the spotlight to make an appearance in Brooklyn.

Aaron Judge, CC Sabathia and Dellin Betances took in the game courtside tonight, looking beyond fly. Judge in a leather jacket? Sabathia rocking his signature swag? Yup, the cool kids are here.

This could be a good sign for both Betances and Sabathia, who both could be leaving this Bronx this season. Sticking alongside Judge and showing off that team chemistry might help make the front office’s decision easier.

But look at them! Just a group of bros, hanging out and catching a ballgame like their normal human beings, not stud baseball players.

Fans are already getting restless after Yankees baseball has been absent from their lives for four days. At least we get to see these players in some capacity during the offseason.

And who knows? Maybe they’ll pass along some luck to the Brooklyn Nets, who are facing off against the Cleveland Cavaliers.