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Le’Veon Bell Destroys Dre Kirkpatrick with Stiff Arm (Video)

Le’Veon Bell is done with people talking about him having taken a step back. He was not going to get tackled by Dre Kirkpatrick, hitting him with a stiff arm that was just plain mean.

Most players use the stiff arm to gain some separation from the person attempting to tackle them. Bell is raising the bar on stiff arms. He used his right arm as a weapon to put Kirkpatrick right on the ground.

It’s amazing the combination of speed, agility, and strength that Bell possesses. Kirkpatrick is smaller than most NFL players, weighing in at 186 lbs. However, he’s still an NFL player, making him one of the strongest and most athletic people in the world (otherwise he wouldn’t stick in the league).

Bell threw him to the ground with one hand like it was nothing. Didn’t even break stride or slow down. Just put him right on the ground and kept moving.

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