Game Seven is the greatest, am I right? Aaron Judge did the job with his glove this time as he robbed Yuli Guerriel in miraculous fashion.

It might as well be the bottom of the ninth inning with the bases loaded. Aaron Judge’s recent catch in the bottom of the second inning felt like it was THAT important.

And potentially it was. With the score tied at zero, the New York Yankees were looking to keep it that way. Enter the Judge and watch in awe.

Remember when he didn’t really make much of an attempt to try and catch that Carlos Correa home run in Game 2? He made up for it in a big way.

It’s one thing to watch a replay but the moment felt so much bigger when it was happening live. While this time it seemed like the wall won the battle with Judge, we can’t count out the big fella.

You know how it goes: make a great play, hit a home run. Let’s hope that this catch will translate into some success at the plate. Or at very lease, some momentum for this squad.

Justice has been served!

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