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Mark Ingram Channels Inner Katy Perry After Touchdown (Video)


New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram showed off his dance moves after scoring his first touchdown of the season.

Mark Ingram decided to celebrate scoring his first touchdown of the season on Sunday against the Detroit Lions by borrowing some moves from pop star Katy Perry.

Ingram scored his first touchdown of the season on a one-yard run in the second quarter to give New Orleans a 24-7 lead over the Lions. Rather than spike the ball, Ingram decided to try and emulate Perry’s “backpack kid.”

Called either “flossing” or “The Russell,” depending on who you ask, Ingram’s version wasn’t half bad. It might not get him on “Dancing With the Stars,” but it was fun to watch.

Ingram is close to breaking the 100-yard rushing mark as the game heads into the fourth quarter. He’s already got two touchdowns on the day. Let’s see if he can get his third—and bust out some more moves.


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