Didi Gregorius Blasts Second Homer of the Night to Take 3-0 Lead (Video)

Hello, the New York Yankees have gotten another wonderful contribution from their clutch shortstop Didi Gregorius.

FS1 said it correctly: Didi Gregorius 3, Cleveland Indians, 0.

We thought one home run was great. Well, how about another one! Gregorius took another Kluber pitch to the right field seats, giving the New York Yankees a 3-0 lead.

Remember when Brian Cashman snuck this trade through and snagged Didi Gregorius from the clutches of two other oblivious teams? Well here he is, single-handedly keeping the Yankees’ playoff hopes alive.

I mentioned earlier that Gregorius entered tonight batting only .154 against the ace. Well, he’s 2-for-2 tonight with three RBIs.

A clutch shortstop in the playoffs. That sounds familiar now, doesn’t it?

Plus, Gregorius added a little, subtle bat flip to his swing this time and it seemed like the bench wasn’t even surprised. They have all the faith in the world in this young shortstop.

With CC Sabathia, the Yankees are rolling right now. But the game isn’t even close to over yet. Keep on chugging along, Yankees.