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Jaromir Jagr Surprises ‘The Traveling Jagrs’ With New Jersey (Video)

The Traveling Jagrs were missing one jersey to complete their collection. Jaromir Jagr was happy to oblige during Calgary’s home opener.

Who are the Traveling Jagrs? They’re a group of men who travel to different NHL cities to watch some hockey. What’s the big deal about them? The big deal is that these guys travel in Jaromir Jagr costumes—jerseys and mullets included.

You may have seen them from time to time at various NHL games. They’re the group of guys in nothing but Jagr jerseys—from the Penguins, Capitals, Rangers and every other team that Jagr has played for.

The group is based out of Calgary, Alberta, so when Jagr signed with their hometown Flames early last week, these guys were stoked. Their main man was now one of their own. But they needed one of Jagr’s Flames jerseys—and someone to wear it.

While appearing on Flames TV Saturday night, the group got the surprise of their lives. Jagr crashed the party, delivering a new, signed, Flames jersey to the group. Jagr even mentioned that if his Flames deal didn’t work out, he might come and hang out with the Traveling Jagrs.

I think the Flames and Jagr will be just fine, but it’s good to have a backup plan.

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