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David Ortiz, A-Rod Provide Comedic Twist To Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry

Alex Rodriguez just showed New York Yankees’ fans everywhere how to properly react to the presence of Red Sox gear. 

Former New York Yankees‘ slugger and Fox Sports baseball analyst Alex Rodriguez knows exactly what to do as a Yankee exposed to Boston Red Sox gear: distance yourself immediately.

After A-Rod predicted the Boston Red Sox to defeat the Houston Astros in Game 4 of the American League Division Series, Red Sox legend and analyst David Ortiz offered A-Rod a Red Sox helmet and even attempted to do the dirty work and put in on for him.

Like a true Yankee, Rodriguez responded with many “no’s” and took a few steps back.

Although kind of odd to see the duo of former on the National coverage having fun together, the combination of them, the Big Hurt (Frank Thomas) and the one and only Keith Hernandez is a flawless unit of analysts. Some flashes of rivalry trash talk are only fitting.

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