LaVar Ball, Family Gets Reality Show on Facebook
June 23, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; LaVar Ball father of newly drafted Los Angeles Lakers player speaks with his son LiAngelo Ball at Toyota Sports Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Lavar Ball has made the news for being that overbearing parent but maybe he’s not all that we make him out to be.

Lavar Ball has been heavily ridiculed for taking his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, out of high school due to the head coach and administration of Chino Hills High School and the various distractions along the way for him. Lavar plans to homeschool LaMelo for his final two years of high school and will train him to eventually become the best basketball player of all time.

USA TODAY Sports’ Nancy Armour recently called out Lavar Ball being the “Worst Sports Parent Ever” after this move. Lavar Ball is not the worst sports parent ever. Lavar Ball compared to other sports parents of star athletes has shown he not only cares extremely about his sons but has set them up for success.

There have been many professional athletes that were homeschooled such as Serena and Venus Williams, Bryce Harper, Tim Tebow and Blake Griffin, to name a few. Homeschooling is not a bad way at all of educating a child. In LaMelo Ball’s case, he might be focusing on basketball training more than the books which benefits his needs since he has all eyes on his NBA dream. It is too early to tell if this decision will hurt LaMelo’s future UCLA plans or even his draft stock but Lavar is not a horrible parent for taking this route for his son.

Lavar Ball is much more than just a crazy sports parent who praises his three talented basketball star sons in Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. Lavar Ball may open his mouth a little too much but Lavar is a genius and not as bad of a parent as people make him out to be.

Lavar has made many sports claims over the past year. Yes, we know those claims are either completely false or yet to be determined. Some of his claims have even turned into reality, contrary to popular belief. Lavar has attracted so much national attention, which has not only set major expectations on his son’s basketball talent and gameplay but has turned the claims into a money-making business.

The Ball Family has a clothing line named Big Baller Brand lead by Lavar. Lavar has focused the family brand around his three sons and labeled their logo as “BBB.” Each B is for a Ball brother. Most of the products of the BBB are overpriced, especially the signature “Melo 1” shoes and the newly released “Zo2s” retailing for an mouth-dropping $495 price tag. The products may be expensive but with Lavar’s word play and the Ball Brothers gameplay on the court, sales are increasing more and more each day.

Lavar Ball, with the help of all his sons gameplay, has popularized this family brand. Lavar Ball is a business genius and has not only made his sons into some of the most discussed and well-rounded basketball point guards currently playing the game but has financially set up all of his sons through his clothing brand and soon-to-be professional basketball gameplay.

Lavar Ball has put all three of his sons on a path to promising success. Lavar’s parenting style is one of a kind and has done nothing but benefit his sons. Having prepared all of his sons to become highly paid professional athletes and role models for young kids to follow, Lavar has done what very little sports parents can ever dream of doing. Lavar may say the harmless verbal claims which cause some national attention but he is a family man who cares about his sons and will do what’s best for them.

No, he’s not the enemy. He’s just being a dad…in his unique, overbearing way.

Chris "Cruise" Milholen grew up and still lives in Bergen County, NJ. He is a huge fan of the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Yankees. Chris is currently a student at Montclair State University (Class of 2020) studying Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Sports Media and Journalism and minoring in Sociology. Chris is a sports columist for ElitesportsNY covering the Brooklyn Nets and National/International basketball news. Chris is also a sports columnist for FanSided (Nothin' But Nets) and The Montclarion Newspaper.