Chasen Shreve New York Yankees
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins may be in the most important game of their season but they still took time to honor those lives lost in Las Vegas.

Sometimes things are a little more important than baseball.

The New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins face off this evening in the Bronx for the AL Wild Card game. However, before that even started, they made sure to recognize those lives lost during the tragic shooting that occurred in Las Vegas.

In doing so, Aaron Trveit sang the National Anthem with tears in his eyes, as well as both teams sitting in a moment of silence. But perhaps the coolest way to honor Las Vegas was not shown on TV.

Chasen Shreve, lefty reliever for the Yankees, threw out the first pitch. Seems normal, right? Well, perhaps you didn’t know that Shreve is a native of Las Vegas.

Shreve threw the ceremonial first pitch and then met with his catcher in a giant hug. You could tell that moment meant a lot to a guy who grew up across the country and takes pride in his hometown.

What a moment. What a stage. And what a classy gesture by the New York Yankees to allow Shreve to stand up for his hometown.

Now, the Yankees need that to motivate them to start scoring some runs.

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