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Little Yankees’ Fan Trolls Twins With Jay-Z Lyrics Before Wild Card Game

First pitch for the 2017 AL Wild Card Game from Yankee Stadium is only moments away, and some little Yankees fans are amped.

The 2017 American League Wild Card Game features some of the biggest stars in the game today. While the focus remains on them, fans have always shown they deserve some of the spotlight.

Aaron Judge burst onto the MLB scene this season hitting a rookie-record 52 home runs. Needless to say, Judge and his major power have captured the affection of the Bronx faithful.

It also goes without saying that the Twins will need to worry about Judge when he steps up to the plate tonight. So some little Yankee fans captured the feeling perfectly by using the lyrics of legendary rapper Jay-Z from his song “99 Problems.”

It’s a rather brilliant play on words saying the “Twins have 99 problems and Aaron Judge is one” with Judges unofficial slogan of “All Rise” below it. Judge’s uniform number is, you guessed it, 99.

This reminds us of the joy baseball brings, especially before a heated one-game playoff.

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