We all know Aaron Judge was an absolute stud at football in his high school days. It looks like those skills are still there for the New York Yankees outfielder.

We’ve watched with pure fascination as Aaron Judge has crushed 51 home runs in his rookie season. We’ve seen amazing things on the baseball field from the New York Yankees rookie phenom.

But he was a multi-sport athlete. And that kind of talent never dies, no matter how much focus he put on the sport of baseball.

Today, Aaron Judge showed off some football skills on camera, tossing a pass to reporter Bryan Hoch while he was on commercial break with the MLB Network.

Hoch was ecstatic…you could tell by the look on his face. Plus, he’s a leftie and has a pretty tight spiral.

So maybe the New York Jets could use Josh McCown for the time being. However, they could have either Judge or Hoch join them during the baseball offseason as ringers.

With either of them at the helm, the Jets might just be Super Bowl contenders. Too bad they didn’t snag Judge before he went the baseball route.

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